Our Preschool Program

School Readiness

Social and Emotional Readiness

Preparing for formal schooling can often be an anxious yet exciting time for families. At Trendi Tots Kindergarten, we consider school preparation essential in assisting to build the foundations to lifelong learning and in ensuring that our children have the best start to formal education. Our program focuses on building social and emotional dispositions such as self confidence, resilience, independence, self-esteem and social competence which are all integral skills to have at school and beyond.

Academic Readiness

As well as assisting in strengthening social and emotional skills, the experiences we present to our children are intended to extend and challenge them at a developmentally appropriate level. These activities are presented with more complexity as children get older and have a deeper understanding of a variety of concepts explored through our preschool program. To support children academically, our preschool program is influenced by the Board of Studies Australian Curriculum as well as the Early Years Learning Framework. The program is led by our Director who is trained as a primary school and early childhood teacher, and our Educational Leader who is working towards achieving her bachelors degree in teaching. The program is enriched with experiences that explore literacy, mathematics and science concepts as well as music and movement, art, and history where appropriate. These key learning areas are explored through small and large group projects and also through discovery stations in our indoor and outdoor environment.

Transition to School

For children aged four and five who plan on going to school the following year, we offer multiple ways to support families in their transition. Trendi Tots Kindergarten liaises with our local primary schools to provide our families with updated and current information about the schools philosophy, facilities, teaching methods, extra curricular activities and more. Our teachers collaborate with families and their elected school to provide any necessary information to help schools better understand children’s individual developmental needs and interest. This will ultimately assist in developing strategies to support children as they enter their new learning environment. Towards the end of each year, we organise visits to our local school where children participate and experience the classroom environment, and we also invite students from local schools to visit us at Trendi Tots Kindergarten. These visits aim to contribute in the better understanding of what to expect when children go to big school. In addition to this, an optional program to assist in the transition to school is specifically designed and offered at Trendi Tots Kindergarten for children going to school the following year. The program uses fun activities and games which focuses on a range of numeracy and literacy concepts including; phonics, reading comprehension, other pre-reading components, patterning, subtraction and addition, measurement and more.