Our Philosophy

  • At Trendi Tots Kindergarten we believe that an emphasised play based learning curriculum which recognises the importance of a holistic approach assists children to grow in all aspects of development, and supports children to be, belong and become.
  • We believe that young children are all unique individuals with a great capacity to learn. We are accepting of all nationalities, religions, cultures, abilities and family structures, and treat each individual with love, care, respect and with fairness.
  • Children hold an important position in our Trendi Tots community as leaders and responsible citizens with unique ideas and imaginations. They have the right to feel safe and secure in order to learn and be themselves in a welcoming, caring and safe environment where their individual needs are met.
  • Educators encourage children to stand up for their rights, to be independent and to freely express themselves.
  • School readiness at Trendi Tots Kindergarten begins from our youngest age group of two years old and continues until they are ready for school. Our routine and program supports children in making a smooth transition to big school and our educators endeavour to provide all children with the tools necessary to develop the foundations to life-long learning.
  • We feel that it is important for children to share all types of emotions including humour, happiness, frustration and sadness.
  • Our educators have a genuine interest in children’s learning and celebrate milestones and achievements. We have a commitment to ongoing professional development as we feel that it is important for us to make learning fun and interesting through current contemporary teaching practices.
  • Families are recognised as the most important people in children’s lives who are their first and most influential educators. At Trendi Tots Kindergarten we strive to collaborate in partnership with families and the community to create an experience that reflects confidence and trust.
  • We believe that children should be exposed to a range of physical activities to improve and promote health as well as a nutritious and well balanced menu with the opportunity to explore exciting flavours from a range of cultures.
  • We view all educators of all qualifications and experience as valued members who are empowered to contribute to all aspects of the service. We view team work and cooperation as crucial to ensure a successful and cohesive team.
  • Our expectation of ourselves is maintained at a high standard in order to ensure that Trendi Tots Kindergarten lives true to its positive reputation in our community.

A full version of our philosophy is available to view at the kindergarten