Our Educational Program

Play Based Learning

Substantial research shows that children learn best when they are stimulated by hands on, engaging and fun activities in a happy and safe environment. At Trendi Tots Kindergarten we recognise that children develop and grow at their own pace. Our educational program is child led and individualised to meet the holistic needs of all children in a play based, flexible learning space. Through extensive learning stories, and identified goals and interests at school and at home, our educators use children’s overall development to plan and implement challenging yet developmentally appropriate experiences to further learning. The experiences we engage children in assist in: Social and emotional learning- Through a vast range of social experiences where children are given the opportunity to work in small and large group situations, children learn to recognise their own feelings and the feelings of others which assists in regulating their own emotions and reading the behaviours of others. Children are encouraged and are supported in understanding how to show empathy, take turns, become independent, develop confidence, understand their self-identity and work with others in play.

Physical Learning

Children are active beings who love to climb, jump, run and more! It is important for children to have plenty of opportunities to be active and establish healthy behaviours through active play and nutrition. Our flexible outdoor learning space enables our teachers to alter the environment according to children’s physical development. Our play equipment challenges children to extend their gross motor abilities and supports children to identify and take risks in a safe environment. Children are also provided with experiences which encourage the development of fine motor skills. Manipulating objects, and using a range of tools assists in building strength and dexterity which children need when developing skills such as writing in preparation for formal schooling and beyond.

Language Learning

Literacy is all around us. In order to read and write, it is important for children to develop listening and speaking skills. At Trendi Tots Kindergarten, we encourage children to speak in their home language, English and even explore other foreign languages where possible. Our teachers ensure that literacy is incorporated in all of our learning experiences to support children in their inquisition of the world around them using different forms of media.

Cognitive Learning

Cognition refers to thinking skills. Children acquire knowledge through thought, experiences, and through their senses. All experiences throughout the day support children in developing skills such as attention span, problem solving, memory recall, cause and effect, analyse and reflect, making comparisons, concept understanding and more. The principles and practices our educators engage in are illuminated by the Early Years Learning Framework to assist children in; -Building a strong sense of identity -Developing a connection with the world around them -Having a strong sense of wellbeing -Being confident and involved learners -Developing effective communication skills.